Scenic clear blue pond on a beautiful mountainside forest.

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of a mountain-side pond, depicted with delicate strokes on canvas. This captivating artwork transports you to a picturesque landscape, where rugged peaks stand as silent sentinels overseeing a tranquil oasis. The air is filled with a sense of peace and stillness, inviting you to pause and drink in the beauty of this mountain-side sanctuary. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the harmony of nature's elements and the undeniable allure of this mountain-side pond.

Size: 11x14 landscape framed and stretched-ready to hang cotton canvas

Paintings ship within 3-5 business days

Or email me-[email protected] with the subject line as the name of the painting.

email- [email protected]

subject line: secluded mountain pond

Payments accepted venmo, paypal, zelle

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